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5 Tricks to Utilize Your Apartment Space 09.07.2016    ||    Apartment living, especially at The Heights in Midtown Dallas, means living at the peak of luxury. However, with all the fabulous amenities included in luxury apartment living, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to prioritize space inside your actual apartment. When it comes to space and storage, it’s almost impossible to create more without knocking down a few walls (and your neighbors might not be a fan of that). Never fear! With a few little tricks and tips, you can utilize every inch of your apartment space and have plenty of room for more:

Go For Functionality

A coffee table that doubles as storage, or a desk that folds up into a chalkboard are both prime examples of functional furniture. When you have less space to work with, every square inch counts. This means that each piece you fill your home with should serve a purpose. Look for pieces that are stylish and functional for a maximum impact.

Trick the Eye

Give the impression of a larger space with a few design secrets. Use strategically placed mirrors to open up the space and give the illusion of light. See-through furniture takes up no visual space, making your home seem bigger. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are great to make your already-tall ceiling seem even taller! When it comes to what people see, make sure you give them more than meets the eye.

Find Stylish Storage

Speaking of more than meets the eye, storage that look stylish is great for small spaces. From trunks as coffee tables or shelves hidden in other pieces, there are plenty of storage options that hide what you don’t want seen, and still make your apartment at The Heights look magazine-worthy.

Think Vertically

Stop thinking of floor space and you will find more space! While you can’t add space to the floor plan, you can literally build up by utilizing the vertical area in your home. From adding sight lines that take the eye up, to utilizing wall storage, think of vertical ways to add space and visual interest.

Go Big With Less

Big furniture was made for smaller areas. Although that might seem counterintuitive, by having a fewer large pieces versus a lot of small pieces, you give the appearance of more room and less visual clutter, creating a more modern, minimalist appeal. However you choose to utilize your luxury space at The Heights at Park Lane, you can always go big with the right furniture and storage tricks!